The Rationale

Our mission is to help bio scientists make breakthroughs by shortening the time for scientific discovery.

We are building a flexible and friendly robotic lab assistant to help scientists be scientists.
We’re aBioBot, and we’re here to usher in an ergonomic laboratory and unleash a grass-root change and eventually in the wet laboratory.

Current procedures are slowing down scientists.
Consider pipetting. It’s standard procedure in wet labs worldwide. It’s also slow, inaccurate, boring, and causes repetitive strain injuries. Pipetting wastes precious bio lab talent and time.

Robots can help.
Robots are great at boring things, like washing our dishes and vacuuming our homes.  Current liquid handling robots are expensive luxuries. They should be as common as an appliance …a lab robot for everybody.

But most lab robots can’t see and sense what they’re doing.
Those expensive robots can’t see when they’ve dropped something.  They’re also so difficult to use they need experts to program and operate them. Scientists get fed up, going back to the old way.

The result: slow and irreproducible science.
Breakthroughs require reproducible results that scale. Manual pipetting isn’t good at either.  Neither are automated solutions, except for the most expensive.

We have plenty of scientists, but not enough breakthroughs.

That’s why we built aBioBot. What can a real aBioBot do ?

It can work with many types of  pipettes !
It can work with any non-standard equipment used in labs!
It can detect fallen pipette tips and unwelcome hands !
And much more !