The Platform

Helping Scientists Make Breakthroughs.

The goal of aBioBot is to create the consummate lab assistant to let scientists remain scientists.  Our lab assistant is a robotic platform combining state-of-the-art hardware and software.

There are three components –

The Bot is a liquid handling robot with adapters.  The platform we choose should be  reasonably priced, is mechanically robust,  is built on open platform, and offers flexible and easy operational features.  We are using Opentrons hardware for our current venture.


The LabBench – The wet laboratory bench is a beehive of activity and objects. The lab assistant uses a variety of equipment to complete her/his experiments. At aBiobot, we wish to recreate the flexibility of the familiar wet laboratory bench on a robotic platform. LabBench is a secret sauce ours that will make this a reality along with its eyes and senses and another secret sauce, Gan.

LabBench is a web-based user interface constructed to facilitate protocol authoring, observe the layout on the bench, monitor the progress of the experiment, and log the progress of the protocol on the cloud. The backbone of every experiment is the laboratory protocol.  At the very least, a protocol is a sequence of steps that prescribes the mixing of input materials carried out in a laboratory setting. These steps when faithfully planned and executed will lead to the completion of a successful experiment.

Lab Bench has three functional components:

LabSmith – Every lab staff has a cookbook of his/her favorite protocols which have been refined and improved over the months and years. LabSmith is a protocol authoring tool that will import lab procedures and notebooks from OpenWetWare, and elsewhere. It will also allow for protocols to be changed and adopted as required.

LabSense-In a manual lab, the lab worker creates all bindings through an arduous process. LabSense interfaces with Gan  to automatically bind objects on the bench to materials prescribed by the protocol.  The user interface makes it easy to associate materials to various well plates.  LabSense also monitors for accidents and alerts users by console or text message.

LabCloud – Every log, video, and status report for your experiment is automatically uploaded to the cloud of your choice.  This gives you a head start on your next iteration.