Gan is aBioBot’s eyes, ears and all senses.  It is the secret sauce that makes aBioBot smart, flexible, and reactive.

Gan lets aBioBot see, sense and learn the well plates and the individual wells: Gan‘s state-of-the-art vision algorithms detect and identify the layout of your lab bench, finding all well plates and their individual wells.  Once the entire layout is known Gan works with LabBench to plan, execute, and monitor the progress of protocols while reacting to accidents.

Technical Specifications:  

aBioBot is the consummate laboratory assistant thanks to Gan’s algorithms including:

  1. Automatic robust camera calibration
  2. Detection of well plates and wells
  3. Monitoring of well plate location
  4. Knowledge base of standard well plates
  5. Monitoring of pipette tips
  6. Monitoring of liquid levels (coming soon)
  7. Multiple camera streams
  8. Integration of various sensors.